On this page, I post terms and information to make it easier for you to understand the vet’s work.
Some things are standard for a veterinarian and recurring daily.
If you have a lot of contact with a veterinarian, it will be easier if you speak the same language.
Of course it is not needed, but it can make life easier and it is nice to learn new words 🙂

Different ways to give medication:

Cutaneous is intended to act on the skin. For example. a wound ointment
Transdermal is not intended to act on the skin but to go through it. For example. an ointment or anti-parasite drops that you put in the neck of the animal.
Oral / Oral (PO) is something to swallow
Aerosol is something to breathe in.

When it comes to needles, this picture explains it better than I can 🙂