Things to know about crows that are cared for as animal rehabilitators:

Crows have neophobia. This means they are afraid of anything they have not already seen. .
Crows can start alarming by screaming. (High volume!). The other crows are usually a little quieter but still (life) scared. You can quite often see that because they open their beaks then.

Crows do not like square motifs on clothes and crows tend to hate black objects more than others. I do not know the psychology behind this, but try to avoid square motifs and black clothes. It is generally best to always wear the same clothes so that the birds stay calmer. A green uniform can be bought quite cheaply (Check out the links on this page).

When you put crows together, there can be trouble. If there is plenty of space, they can escape. It is important that they have room for that. NEVER put a raven together with any other crow bird. Then they will try to kill each other. There are known exceptions in the raven world, but do not even try.