Crows eat just about everything we eat, but the problem is that our food is too bad for birds. There are e.g. too much salt in the food and / or too little nutrition. Should you give bad food to crows, they also feed their young with it and it can mean that they can get “McDonalds disease”, a condition that due to malnutrition leads to fragile and pale / white feathers that in the long run can make the birds unable to fly

Common errors:

A common mistake you make is to give a bird white bread or a worm.

White bread contains almost no nutrients. Birds probably like white bread, but really it’s just belly filling. The problem arises when they are full of bread and then they eat nothing else. Then the body gets no real nutrition.
A small piece of bread is not so dangerous, but if you give white bread daily, it can have negative consequences.

As a child, you hear “birds eat worms”, and a lot of birds do it, but crows should not be served worm by you! Worms and snails crawl across the ground and through feces and parasites. Therefore, they have worm eggs and parasites on and in the body (yes, worms can have worms!), Which you do not want to feed a crow with.

What to give for food then?

Dry cat food from a pet store is good to give to crows. Some birds are not very good at drinking, so if you are really kind, you take dry cat food and leave it for a while in lukewarm water. Then you pour off the water that is left and you have a good base to give to crows.
Do not give cheap cat food to crows. Usually there is a lot of salt in it which is not really good for cats either 🙁

What they also like (something that most birds like) are peanuts with shells. If you do not get peanuts with shells, so do not buy other peanuts in regular stores because then there are spices or salt on them and it is not good for birds. Peeled peanuts intended for birds can be given.