It is very easy to build a nest box for jackdaws
All you need is plywood, nails and a saw
12mm or 15mm thick works well. The advantage of 15mm is that it is easier to nail it together.

Down here you see the sketch. Just saw as below and nail everything together.

I would probably screw in the top instead of the nail, so that you can open and clean the nest box in the future.

Some tips:

  • Hang the nest box at least 3 meters high, preferably 5 meters or higher in a tree or on a building.
  • If you hang more than 1 box, try to keep at least 2 meters in between, preferably 5 meters.
  • Feel free to paint the nest box so it lasts longer (preferably green)
  • Make sure that a cat can not access the nest box.
  • Keep in mind that it can get hot in a nest box when the sun is shining. Try to find a place where there is some shade in the middle of the day. Preferably do not place unprotected facing south.
  • Hang up the nest box before winter. The advantage is that the jackdaws do not perceive it as a trap if it has been there for months and they have had time to get used to it.
  • If you mount a wireless camera on top, it is important to make the entrance opening a little further down (5cm under the roof), the roof a little longer (3cm), so that it protects the entrance from rain and the socket a little higher / deeper (5cm). There are wireless cameras for 35£ and up. Feel free to contact if you want to build such a box, and I will help you!

Maxwell Hamilton, London

With a camera on top, you will get the following results

I chose to create 5 of them..5 chances to get new neighbours 🙂