NOTE: It is your own responsibility to use this calculator. Since this is about an animal’s life, you should not “guess”.
We all want the animals to be well again, and they can not be if you use the wrong dose. An incorrect dose can easily lead to death!
If it is about over-the-counter or prescription medicines, you can get help from the pharmacy’s staff.

Sometimes, you have a dose that is e.g. 2 mg / kilo weight.
But on the bottle (which contains a liquid instead of powder) it says mg / ml or%.
It is logical that 2mg of a medicine that has a 5% concentration is not the same as that of a medicine that has a 2.5% concentration.
Sometimes it does not say% but mg / ml on the package and if you do not know what you are doing, you are easily doing wrong!

With this calculator you can calculate how many milliliters you need

Write here the amount that has been calculated for the bird:
Write here what concentration the medicine contains (look at the package):
(OBS: 2,5% = 25 mg/ml, 5% = 50 mg/ml osv)
The calculated dosage is: