It goes without saying that a bird needs a stick to sit on. Only very sick or young birds do not want or can not sit on a branch, but usually you should always make sure that there is a stick.
A bird that puts its feet around a branch can sleep without struggling to keep its balance. The feet end up in a kind of locking position.

But .. which stick should you have?
The best perch is a real branch from nature!

Take a branch that is so thick in the middle that the bird can not wrap its toes completely around it. This means that the branch is a little thicker on one side and a little heavier on the other side. Then the bird can choose exactly where it wants to sit.

Important additions:

– If the crow has the easiest case of bumblefoot, you should check out the treatment guides on this website.
– Make sure that there are no sharp parts of for example cut off branches or other parts that are sharp. Let your hand slide over the branch (everywhere) to feel if there is a sharp part. Even small pieces that are sharp can make up for it for a bird. Use a file, foot file, sandpaper, etc. to remove the sharp piece.
– make sure that the stick is stuck so that it does not “roll” when a crow is sitting on it. It can cause injury, especially when something happens during the night (crows are night blind)
– Do not take a regular broomstick as they can cause bumblefoot. There is then no pressure distribution and then “bed sores” can occur
– I recommend birch trees because they are not sticky and because it scales a bit and so the crow can play with the pieces