ConditionActive ingredientDrugConditionRouteDoseNotes
CoccidiaAmproliumHarkers CoxoidCoccidiaOral28ml/4.5L (daily for 7 days)If severe continue at half strength for a further 7 days
CoccidiaToltrazurilBaycoxCoccidiaOral25mg/kg-0.5ml/kg (once, repeat in 10 days)Dose once, then again in 10 days
AntibioticEnrofloxacinBaytril 2.5% OralAntibioticOral15mg/kg-0.6ml/kg (every 12 hours for 7 days)Can cause regurgitation
Mucus CongestionBromhexine (Hydrochloride)BroncholinMucus CongestionOral5ml/L (daily, for 5 days)Can help clear mucus caused by Trichomoniasis
TrichominiasisCarnidazoleSpartrixTrichominiasisOral30mg/kg (tablets-10mg each) (Once)Only for very mild cases. (Dose will need to be doubled for Raptors and halved for young Pigeons)
Shock/TraumaDexamthasoneDexadresonShock/TraumaI/M-I/V-S/C6mg/kg -3ml/kg (Once)Do not use if non-steroidal pain relief given (NSAI's)
InflammationsDexamthasoneDexadresonInflammationsI/M-I/V-S/C2mg/kg-1ml/kg (once)Steroids suppress the immune system, so use with antibiotics if wounds are present
Cestode wormsPraziquantelDrontal suspensionCestode wormsOral10mg/kg-1ml/kg (repeat after 10 days)Repeat only if necessary
TrichominiasisMetronidazoleFlagyl Susp 40mg/mlTrichominiasisOral50mg/kg-1.25ml/kg (daily for 7 days)Can cause neurological issues if overdosed
Aspergillosis/CandidaItraconazoleFungitraxxAspergillosis/CandidaOral10mg/kg-1ml/kg (daily for up to 14 days)Give up for 2 weeks
AntibioticMarbofloxacinMarbocyl 2%AntibioticOral10mg/kg-0.25ml/kg (daily for 7 days)Can cause skin necrosis
Pain Relief (NSAID)MeloxicamMetacam Oral 1,5mg/mlPain Relief (NSAID)Oral0,3 ml per kg (daily as needed)Do not use if steroid given
Pain Relief (NSAID)MeloxicamMetacam Oral 0,5mg/mlPain Relief (NSAID)Oral1.0 ml per kg (daily as needed)Do not use if steroid given
Pain Relief (NSAID)MeloxicamMetacam injection (2mg/ml)Pain Relief (NSAID)S/C 0.5mg/kg-0.1ml/kg (For up to 3 days)Do not use if steroid given
CandidaNystatinNystatin suspensionCandidaOral3000.000IU/kg-2ml/kg (Daily for 10 days)Not absorbed from Gl tract
Nematode wormsFenbendazolePanacur 10% suspensionNematode wormsOral25mg/kg-0.25ml/kg (Once)Do not give on an empty stomach (Repeat after 14 days)
TrichominiasisRonidazoleHarkankerTrichominiasisOral400mg/4L (daily until cleared)Add to drinking water or tube feed
AntibioticAmoxicillin/Clavulanic acidSynuloxAntibioticI/M35mg/kg-0.7ml/kg (Daily for 7 days)Can cause regurgitation
AntibioticAmoxicillin/Clavulanic acidSynuloxAntibioticOral150mg/kg-3ml/kg (Daily for 7 days)Can cause regurgitation
AntibioticTrimethroprimTribrissen 240AntibioticS/C30mg/kg-0.12ml/kg (Every 12 hours for 7 days)Can cause renal damage in dehydrated birds